Q: Each monster has an 'Advantage Modifier' listed. Is that just the 'A' for their CAST rolls, or is it their total CAST roll modifier?

A: Similar to the way in which a monster's Resistance Points are grouped together into one lump number to help speed up combat and make the Storyteller's job a bit easier, each monster's "Advantage Modifier" is meant to be a fast & easy lump number that Storytellers can add to that monster's CAST rolls. It does not have to be their total CAST roll modifier. The Storyteller should feel free to include other/additional Advantage Modifiers (bonuses or penalties) if they deem them appropriate.

Q: Under monster "Attack" types, sometimes there will be an "- or -" & sometimes there will be an "- and -". Could you clarify what these mean? Does "- and -" mean the monster gets 2 attacks per turn?

A: Enemies and monsters (unless specifically stated otherwise) get one attack per turn. When you see "- or -" between their "Attack" types, it means that enemy has one or the other. For example, rune witches have a dagger -or- a curved dagger. The Storyteller can choose which type she has, but she doesn't have both. When you see "- and -" between "Attack" types, that means the enemy possesses both options (but can still only attack with one per turn). For example, a grizzlok has bite -and- claw, because it can both bite people and claw people, but it can perform only ONE of those two attack types each turn.

Q: How many freebie actions can a character take in one turn?

A: It's really up to the Storyteller, but the basic rule of thumb is this: what could the character realistically do within the span of a couple seconds? Freebie actions clearly shouldn't be unlimited. For example, a character probably shouldn't be able to drink more than one potion in one turn (unless they're spending their entire turn drinking a couple potions). If you're the Storyteller and you run into a situation where you have a Player trying to squeeze more out of freebie actions than he or she should, I'd recommend setting a limit. Simply tell the Players that you're limiting freebie actions to 1 or 2 per turn.