Q: Under monster "Attack" types, sometimes there will be an "- or -" & sometimes there will be an "- and -". Could you clarify what these mean? Does "- and -" mean the monster gets 2 attacks per turn?

A: Enemies and monsters (unless specifically stated otherwise) get one attack per turn. When you see "- or -" between their "Attack" types, it means that enemy has one or the other. For example, rune witches have a dagger -or- a curved dagger. The Storyteller can choose which type she has, but she doesn't have both. When you see "- and -" between "Attack" types, that means the enemy possesses both options (but can still only attack with one per turn). For example, a grizzlok has bite -and- claw, because it can both bite people and claw people, but it can perform only ONE of those two attack types each turn.