Lovingly inspired by the great tabletop roleplaying games of the '80s, BLADE RAIDERS was created, written & illustrated by freelance artist (and lifelong tabletop roleplayer) Grant Gould. It's also a project that was made possible by hundreds of amazing supporters via Kickstarter.

BLADE RAIDERS introduces you to an all-new world of fantasy adventure, stunning mystery, incredible heroes, frightening villains, magical powers, unique monsters, and endless possibilities. You can choose to create your own character, selecting awesome talent sets that will make you stand out in a crowd and equipping yourself with weapons, armor and more – or you can become a Storyteller and create your own tales, revealing paths and choices (and foes!) to friends as your game sessions unfold.

What truly sets BLADE RAIDERS apart from other fantasy games is its easy-to-learn game system: CAST, which stands for Chance, Advantage, Skill and Talent – as well as its original settings and concepts. You will discover never-before-seen races and creatures, and also an exciting new take on magic. Character powers are fueled by mystic runestones and strengthened (or limited) by their individual energy fields, allowing for a new dynamic when it comes to fantasy RPGs.

The BLADE RAIDERS 1st EDITION RULEBOOK is the first publication utilizing the d10-based CAST Game System. Aside from a ten-sided die, a pencil and a character sheet, the rulebook contains everything you need to play the game. For even more BLADE RAIDERS excitement, check out the Adventure Scrolls and the ENEMY OMNIBUS, a collection of beasts and monsters to help spice up your group's encounters. Now is the perfect time to join the party and become part of the BLADE RAIDERS ADVENTURE!

January 2019 Update: BLADE RAIDERS is currently only available to order in PDF format — the last printing of paperbacks are now sold out. Click the Shop link to check out our exclusive PDF sale prices, and thank you for your support!


Grant Gould is an artist based in Minnesota. He began his creative career as a graphic designer in 1999, then became a full-time freelance illustrator in 2006. In the years since, Grant has worked on a number of projects for various clients – Lucasfilm (including the kids’ book Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Clone Wars web-comics, and many online features for and Topps (card set art for The Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Halo, Star Wars Galaxy, etc.), among others. In 2008, Grant created a graphic novella called “The Wolves of Odin,” and then in 2012, he began work on his own tabletop roleplaying game  –  BLADE RAIDERS.


BLADE RAIDERS and the CAST Game System TM & © 2012/2013 Grant Gould. All rights reserved.